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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Year 6 2015 SATs Results

Celebrating our Pupils’ Success

SATs Results 2014/2015

We are delighted to report our Year 6 pupil achievements from July 2015.

The results are a credit to all children who worked extremely hard to achieve

their levels, and all the staff throughout the school, who work tirelessly to

ensure all children from our diverse community make exceptional progress.

The chart below demonstrates the success of our Year 6 chidren.

Ofsted is particularly interested in tracking the progress of specific groups of children, including those eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant and those with Special Educational Needs. In last year’s cohort 23% of pupils were eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant and 3 children had Statements for Special Educational Needs.

These results make us extremely proud of all our children. 

Pupil Progress 2015 Results





At least expected










Children’s progress is measured between their results at the end of Year 2 and Year 6. Children are expected to make 2 levels of progress during this time. For example a child achieving Level 2 in Year 2 would be expected to achieve Level 4 in Year 6.

1 child did not access any tests but is included in the data. 100% of all children accessing the tests made at least expected progress in reading and maths. 1 child with SEN did not make expected progress in writing as a result of specific needs.

Some of our pupils sat Level 6 papers.

13% achieved Level 6 Maths 

13% achieved Level 6 English 

Level 4 is the national expectation for average ability pupils at the end of

Key Stage 2 [Year 6]. Level 5 is the national expectation for more able pupils.

95% achieved L4+ in Reading, Writing and Maths (Ricghmond average 88%, National average 80%) and  40% achieved L5+ in Reading, Writing and Maths, in line with the Richmond average and well above national average of 24%)  

We are also delighted to report that our attendance figures improved again last year to 96.8%. Thank you for your support in driving this improvement.

The Headship Team