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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Year 5

What a year we have in store! Year 5 is an action-packed time, with so many opportunities to learn and have fun.

In the Autumn Term our focus is the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We learn about where they came from, why they invaded (and then settled in) England and how far they travelled, as they explored and traded their way round the known world. In Science, we study the properties and changes of materials. In Art, we study the origins of Pop Art and recreate our own pieces inspired by Andy Warhol. In DT, we create our own Viking shields.

In the Spring our focus moves from History to Geography, where we will learn all about Fairtrade and sustainable fashion, focusing on the journey from cotton to clothes. We use our thinking skills to evaluate the benefits of world trade before conducting a study on the Fairtrade city, Rio De Janeiro, comparing it with London. The children will design and make their own clothing in preparation for a sustainable fashion show that takes place during the Spring Term. We will then study rivers and conduct geographical fieldwork in the local area. In Science, we will study Living Things and their Habitats, and then the life cycle of humans in our Animals including Humans topic.

In the Summer Term, we move our focus back to history. We will be studying the Tudors and we hope to visit Fulham Palace where we find out about what life was like at the palace and explore the gardens and grounds. We design, make and evaluate moon buggies in DT whilst learning about Earth and Space in Science.