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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Year 5

What a year we have in store! Year 5 is an action-packed time, with so many opportunities to learn and have fun, both in and out of school.

In the Autumn Term our focus is the Vikings. We learn about where they came from, why they invaded (and then settled in) England and how far they travelled, as they explored and traded their way round the known world. From why they didn’t have horned helmets to how effective their dragon ships were; from village life to Viking burial rituals; from Odin and Thor to Leif Eriksson and King Canute: we discover what the Vikings were really like. The topic really comes to life on Viking Day where we enjoy activities and workshops, either side of a Viking feast!

The Spring Term’s topic is all about Fair Trade and through this we look at and develop our knowledge of the world and explore what impacts trade has on helping people out of poverty and into a position where they can provide for their families. We consider the benefits of Fair Trade and how we can play our part – partly through the annual Fair Trade Fortnight and other associated campaigns. The children design t-shirts in preparation for a Fair Trade fashion show that takes place at the end of term.

As summer approaches, we study rivers in Geography. We will visit at a site along the River Thames where we learn about the features of rivers and use mapping skills. We will also be studying the Tudors and a highlight of the topic is our trip to Hampton Court Palace where we find out about: Henry VIII and his court; visit the Tudor kitchens and Royal apartments; explore the gardens and grounds.

In the Autumn term, year 5 take part in an exciting, hands-on Viking Workshop. The workshop covers everything from home-life to battles, Gods and how to have fun, Viking-style.

In the Summer term, one of our topics is Rivers and the children have the opportunity to visit the River Thames. During this visit, they take part in a workshop learning about the features of a river and use mapping skills. The children also go river dipping where they investigate the wildlife that lives in the River Thames.

We also go on a trip to Hampton Court Palace which links directly with the Tudors topic. During the trip, year 5 have the opportunity to explore the Tudor kitchens and Henry VIII’s apartments. They also attend workshops that are run by the staff at Hampton Court and during these they have the opportunity to look at artefacts and to take part in drama activities.

In addition to this, we visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. This supports our Science topic of Earth and Space. The children will take part in an interactive workshop to explain different scientific concepts. We will explore and experience the wonders of space through the planetarium show. This combines real images from space crafts and telescopes.