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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Year 4




In Year 4 we have so much fun with so many special events!

As part of our ‘Sheen in the War Years’ topic we have a World War II day, when we dress up like people from that era and learn about code breaking; the best part is when we devise our own codes. We also go to the Imperial War Museum as part of our topic which we really look forward to. At the museum, we turn into Object Detectives and investigate artefacts from the 1940’s using clues. We also will turn into spies when visiting the ‘Horrible Histories’ spies exhibition, we learn about how spies in the wars hid information and sent secret coded messages. During our topic lessons we look at the effect that the war had on the people who lived in Sheen.


In the Spring term, we study the Romans, Celts and Scots. During our ‘Roman Day’, we have a huge feast with garlic snails, quail egg dishes and a pig’s head on a platter! We learn about how the Roman invasion of Great Britain shaped the country we now live in. We also learn about the many inventions that the Romans introduced and how these are still used in the modern world. We study the Celts and how Boudicca led an attack on London and will also look at the events in Scotland during the Roman Empire. To tie in with the revised Numeracy curriculum, we also develop our knowledge and understanding of Roman Numerals using these facts to solve problems.


In the Summer term, we go on a residential trip to Sayers Croft for 3 days! Whilst we are there, we have the opportunity to take part in some great activities including shelter building, archery, climbing activities and go on walks through beautiful woodlands and meadows. The children will also have the opportunity to work on their map reading skills and learn about how the Sayers Croft site was used as an evacuation camp  during World War 2.