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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Year 4

In Year 4 we have so much fun and learn loads!

It’s a jam- packed year, filled with exciting trips and interesting topics. To kick start the year, we learn about WW2 and the impact it had on the UK and further afield. We have a WW2 day, when we dress up like people from that era and perform our assembly to our families and the school. We also have a WW2 workshop where the children become history detectives. As part of the topic we learn about evacuees,

rationing and the Blitz plus much more. We are also lucky enough to visit a

local air raid shelter, where we learn about how Sheen was affected.

In the Spring term, we study the Romans and Celts. We learn about how the Roman invasion of Great Britain shaped the country we now live in. We also learn about the many inventions that the Romans introduced and how these are still used in the modern world. We study the Celts and how Boudicca led an attack on London. We visit the Richmond Museum and look at Roman artefacts.

In the Summer term, we learn about Japan and compare it to the UK. We look at their lifestyle, and develop our understanding of physical features and map work


The highlight of Year 4 has to be our fun-packed residential trip to Henley Fort for

3 days! Whilst we are there, we have the opportunity to take part in some great

activities including: shelter building, climbing activities and orienteering.

We also get to partake in an air raid patrol drill and learn more about WW2 as the site was used during WW2.

In Year 4, we continue with swimming lessons and learn to play chess throughout

the year.

We hope you are excited for the year ahead!