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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED


East Sheen Primary School has always acknowledged the early work of parents as the first educators of their children and has tried to extend this work through the continued partnership between home and school.
Through the help of parents and other volunteers, the curriculum is enriched by many activities and experiences. By enlisting voluntary helpers, we are able to give children more opportunities to talk and to listen purposefully, to give them more personal attention, to increase their self-esteem, to improve their concentration and to make their learning more effective as well as more enjoyable.
It is essential that the helpers should also enjoy their experiences, feeling confident and fully supported and informed by the school in the tasks they are asked to do and knowing that their help is highly valued by everyone in school.
East Sheen is keen to recruit more helpers to work effectively and happily with teachers for the benefit of all the children. The range and scope of the tasks already done by volunteers bear witness to the generosity of many parents and others, for which the governors and staff are most grateful throughout each school year.
If you are interested in any way, either to come in as a guest speaker, to give the children a demonstration and work with the children on a ‘one off’ visit, or come to work with us on a regular basis, please let the school office know.
It is important that whatever happens in the classroom should remain confidential. Even positive comments can be misinterpreted. Please do not discuss any child’s work, conduct or progress with anyone except the teacher.
Criminal Records Check 
The London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames regulations require that all volunteers in school have received clearance through the Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS) to help protect the safety of our pupils. This means that if you are hoping to accompany a class on a school trip or help on an occasional basis in classrooms you will need to speak to Becky Webster to go through the paperwork.