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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED


Our weekly routine will usually include the following sessions: 

Monday – Friday: Teaching sessions every morning and every afternoon. These sessions will be either Literacy, Numeracy, Topic or Arts based

Monday – Thursday AM: Phonics teaching 30mins (children are split into phonic groups)

Monday AM: Indoor P.E

Tuesday PM: Outdoor P.E NSSport, Circle time with ‘Show and Tell’

Thursday AM: Singing

There is a Key Stage 1 assembly every Tuesday morning.

The majority of the afternoon is ‘free flow’ when children are encouraged to make self-initiated learning choices and revisit activities from earlier in the day. Also, during this time, reading and small group work will take place.   The indoor learning environment is set up so that all areas of learning are catered for. 

Children access these areas for both independent and structured group activities. Additionally, the outdoor learning environment is set up daily with an extensive range of exciting opportunities reflecting those activities inside to enhance their learning experience. 

The children pick up the organisation of Reception quickly, enabling them to actively explore all areas of the setting. They are supported when making independent learning choices ensuring that they are accessing all areas of the curriculum

Children’s development is monitored very closely and all children are nurtured to reach their full potential. Their happiness and social well-being are very important and all children are encouraged to be confident, independent and resilient learners.