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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Thinking Schools

East Sheen Primary School first gained accreditation as a Thinking School in September 2017 after a three-year journey to introduce and embed the methodology. In 2021 the school was re-accredited and gained an award of excellence, which was further celebrated with our reaccreditation and award of excellence in 2024. You  can read our latest report here

Three tools are used  as part of the teaching and learning across the curriculum: thinking maps, thinking hats and habits of mind. The whole school approach results in a common language and framework which enable children to talk explicitly about thinking and to understand there are different kinds of thinking.  The eight maps used help children organise their thinking, whether it be in story planning, classifying and sorting information, understanding relationships or considering cause and effect. The coloured hats support children to respond appropriately during different tasks-for example the white hat means they need to identify or present facts, while the red hat is worn to express feelings. We use 16 habits of mind which develop the skills and attitudes necessary for life-long learning. Children are encouraged to reflect on their learning, identifying their thinking strengths and areas for improvement, setting themselves goals and celebrating their successes.  We love being a Thinking School!

You can find out more about Thinking Schools here, and read about us in the press here.