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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Register of Governor Interests 2023-2024


Relevant business, financial or other interests
Links to other educational establishments
Personal relationships with school staff or other governors
Date Interest Declared
Andrew    Miller Current employment: Exxon Mobil None declared   None declared 10.10.23
Chris Styles

Business Partnership/ Directorship: Tomasin Ltd

Employer: eEnergy PLC

Spouse is a teacher employed by Wandsworth LA   None declared 10.10.23
Michael Cunningham

Employer and Directorship: Ivy Walls Trading

Governor at Kings House School Company Director of Kings House School Trust (Richmond) Ltd.   None declared 19.04.24
Emmet Regan

Business Partnership/ Directorship: Mutual Ventures

None declared   None declared 10.10.23
Graham Dyer

Company Directorship: Tautochrone 

Trustee at Camden Giving 1174463

None declared

  None declared 19.04.24
Harry Page Head Teacher at ESPS Trustee of East Sheen School Fund and East Sheen Primary School PTA   None declared 10.10.23
Helen Wrigglesworth

None declared

Current Employment: Teacher Sheen Mount Primary School   None declared 10.10.23
Jessica Zayouna Current Employment:  None declared   None declared  
Nathalie Townley Director: William Townley Plastic Surgery Limited Trustee: 1093900 EAST SHEEN PRIMARY SCHOOL FUND   None declared 10.10.23
Susannah Milligan Charity Trustee: Magma Poetry None declared   None declared 10.10.23
Nicky Dorman

Director: Savills PLC

None declared   None declared 10.10.23
Raef Jackson

Current Employment:  Accelerate Ventures

None declared   None declared 19.04.24
Emily Maltby Current Employment: Solicitor at BP PLC None declared   None declared 10.10.23
Polly Jones Deputy head teacher at ESPS Trustee East Sheen School Fund   None Declared 10.10.23
Tristan Chapple Freelance Writer None   None 10.10.23
Fran Foley Pastoral and Inclusion Manager at ESPS None   Husband is caretaker at ESPS 17.10.23
Silvia Martinez General Counsel at Arch Insurance None   None 19.04.24
Manik Fernando Current Employment: SITA INC None   None 29.12.2023