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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Parent Satistfaction Survey Results 2015


Thank you to everyone who recently completed the Parent Satisfaction Survey 2015. This is one of the ways in which the Governors and School Leadership Team seek the views of parents and we place great importance on your responses. This was the seventh on-line return for the survey and we had another high response rate with 269 questionnaires completed, up on the 223 of the year before.


As this is the eleventh year we have run the Parent Satisfaction Survey we have made the decision to update the survey questions to reflect current school services and include the “wrap-around” care now offered.  In addition, at the suggestion of a participant, we changed the “No view” response to “Neither agree nor disagree”.  As a result, there has been a statistically significant increase in the number of people choosing this neutral option instead of “Agree” or “Disagree” in certain questions.  Changes in survey method often lead to changes in results, but we felt the suggestion was worth implementing and we will be using this year’s figures as a benchmark for future years.

With these changes, we believe we have enhanced the satisfaction survey and are able to have great confidence in the results.  Although 2015 becomes the new benchmark year, the previous 6 years of results are displayed in the results table below to allow review of previous year-on-year data.


Once again, the survey results show overall high levels of parental satisfaction with the school; most results are in the high 80’s or 90’s. These results are a very positive endorsement of East Sheen Primary and confirm that parents’ current perception is of a happy, high performing school.

The survey showed that 97% of respondents agreed with the statements “I would recommend this school to others” and 95% said “Taking everything into account I am satisfied with the school”, while 98% of respondents agreed “My child likes this school” and 92% agreed “'Teaching is good”.  In addition, 92% agreed “The school encourages me to be involved in its life and work” and 98% agree “The school promotes worthwhile attitudes and values”.  These are splendid results.

East Sheen Primary’s key priority is to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment to promote children’s learning.  The survey results show that 96% of respondents agree “Staff encourage my child to become mature and independent” and 94% agree “There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable”.  Many of the additional comments, containing lovely endorsements of the school, demonstrate that we are doing just that.  

We always take account of your suggestions and concerns and use the survey as a source of information to help us determine school priorities for the year ahead.  As an example, last year’s survey highlighted that some parents wanted on-site after school care.  A Governor working party was set-up to investigate suppliers and feasibility for the school to host this provision in parallel with existing clubs. This progressed to defining service levels, running a procurement process and awarding Fit for Sport the contract. The service is now up and running and has been included within the scope of this year’s Parent Satisfaction Survey.

In addition to all the positive feedback this year’s survey highlighted a number of areas for further consideration:

Assessment and information on progress 

A number of parents indicated some concern in the survey, and raised questions, about the assessment and reporting of their child’s progress. You are probably aware that the government announced in June 2013 that the system of levels of attainment as a means of measuring children’s achievement would be axed because it believed the system was “complicated and difficult to understand, especially for parents”.   However, the government has not replaced it and has instead given schools the freedom to devise their own system.  This year was always going to be difficult, as we clarify the requirements in line with the introduction of the new national curriculum.

For this year, the school decided that Year 2 and Year 6 would be tested against the old curriculum [with levels], whilst the rest of the school have been assessed without levels.  For next year, in order to standardise the method and allow for moderation across schools, the Local Authority has had a working party of Headteachers developing their ideas on assessment systems.  This working party is expected to complete its recommendations in time for implementation in the coming academic year.  Once the recommendations are available, we will share our approaches to curriculum and assessment with you at a meeting in school, so that you can gain a better understanding of the implications of the changes, and how it impacts on your child.

The toilets are checked at lunchtime and thoroughly cleaned daily after school. The facilities have been upgraded in recent years, but these are well used places and in order to maintain and improve the good standard of cleanliness throughout the day a number of behavioural and upkeep aspects are planned to be reinforced.

The children are regularly reminded in assemblies about the importance of using the facilities hygienically and this year the Pupil Leadership Team presented in an assembly and led classroom discussions about this very subject.  The members of the Pupil Leadership Team discussed with the children that they are responsible for respecting the toilets as they are for all the children to use. This message will be revisited and good hygiene encouraged in the coming year.

In addition, the Governors have given support to increasing the cleaning provision to include an extra clean at mid-day.

School Lunches  
We remain happy with our Catering provider – Pride, and we have welcomed a new chef, Steven this term. To help the catering team improve their service further, the children have been asked to fill in evaluation cards. The Pupil Leadership Team are currently promoting these cards and encouraging children to fill them in and to hand them to Steven.

Following best practice, the catering contract went out to tender in the later part of the summer term and as a result of an extensive process with three candidates, Pride was awarded the contract as best overall for quality and value with the opportunity to develop service and introduce new processes. Pride will be holding an open evening at school early next term for parents to have a taster session and a Q&A session to get to know the new team and service. This will be an excellent opportunity for parents and carers to ask any questions directly about the provision.


Several suggestions were made about communications, access to information and opportunities for dialogue with the school.  We appreciate how important it is to get communication right, and are always trying to improve things.

In addition to the regular weekly newsletter, Helen and Liz send out an issue of Headship Headlines once every half term to highlight school priorities and progress against targets, as well as give up to date information on the various challenges of leading and managing a busy primary school.  The school has streamlined what goes out on Parentmail and the on-line payment system is up and running. 

This year the school has developed the enhanced parent consultations and maintained regular Leadership Team discussions with Class Reps and subject specific “Deep Dive” facilitated events to seek parents’ views on the general running of the school and communication itself. 

In addition, the Headship Team and Governors have taken a fresh look at all aspects of school communication and interaction with parents and have recently implemented a Communication Strategy for the school.  This is available on the website under policies and contains details of what can be expected and the approach taken to ensure appropriate and effective dialogue. 

As an example, the policy for parents wanting to talk with staff is:

1) Class Teachers are always available for a ‘quick word’ at end of the day.  However, if parents need to talk with the class teacher in more detail, they can make an appointment, either through the office or directly with the class teacher, for a telephone conversation or a meeting in person, as talking at length in the playground after school is difficult for the teacher and the children.

2) A member of the Leadership Team will always be in the playground at the start and end of the day.  Many parental queries and concerns can be dealt with at this time.  It is also possible to make appointments through the school office.

 The website remains a great source of information about the school and it’s on-going development is a priority for Governors.  This year the site has been upgraded and moved to a new “responsive” technology platform which allows for better access on tablets and smartphones than was possible on the previous system.  In addition, the calendar function and the site navigation have been improved to make sure that it is as helpful and easy to access as possible.