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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED




Welcome to East Sheen Primary School Parent Teacher Association

What is the Parent Teacher Association?

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was formed in 1972 just after the school was badly damaged by fire. We are a registered charity (no. 273295) and members of The National Council of Parent Teacher Associations.

The PTA has two core roles:

  • To raise funds using a range of fundraising events to purchase items that the school would otherwise be unable to provide.
  • To help develop and sustain positive relationships between all parents and between parents and teachers. We do this with social events and a whole variety of consultation opportunities.

Our PTA has been able to successfully raise funds over the years due to the commitment and support of the parents at ESPS and external community services and businesses to which we are extremely grateful for.

Over the last few years our main achievements have been to fund:

  • School supplies £12.9k (incl. 5x laptops, science workshops, D&T supplies, whiteboards, outdoor play equipment, teaching kitchen supplies etc., 2021/22)
  • School stage £7.8k (2021/22)
  • Gardening / grounds £3k (2021/22)
  • Classroom books £3k (2021/22)
  • Head teachers fund £1.5k (2021/22)
  • Y6 leavers fund £1.1k (2021/22)
  • Other school costs of £1.2k (2021/22)
  • Whiteboards £5.7k (2020/21)
  • I-pads and covers £5.1k (2020/21)
  • Playground Improvement £1.6k (2020/21)
  • Uniform Expenses £1.5k (2020/21)
  • Head teachers fund £1.5k (2020/21)
  • Gardening / grounds £1.2k (2020/21)
  • General expenses £1.1k (2020/21)
  • Book purchases £0.8k (2020/21)

During 2021/22 our main fundraising events raised:

  • Summer Fair 2021 £17.8k
  • Christmas Fair £12.8k
  • Coffee a week campaign £11.8k
  • Easy fundraising / online shopping £3.3k
  • Quiz night £3.8k
  • Year group disco’s £2.5k
  • Sport events £0.7k

2022/23 Fundraising Goals:

The school recently had a significant cut to its budget so we are aiming to supply the school with;

  • Astroturf area repairs and replacement,
  • Wellbeing hub/area as part the ongoing school rebuild project,
  • Phonic reading materials,
  • ICT – teaching laptops, iPad charging stands, iPad cases,
  • Year 6 reading books & globes,
  • Year 5 chalk boards, Year 4 DT resources,
  • Reception supplies wish-list
  • English spelling subscriptions and books, Science topic books
  • Head teachers fund
  • Year 6 leaving gifts
  • Kitchen cleaning / maintenance
  • Gardening maintenance etc.

Our fundraising plans for the forthcoming year, with the main events being:

  • October 22 quiz night (done!)
  • Winter 22 Christmas Market (27th of November)
  • A summer ball, with a dedicated committee being formed to support this.
  • Summer 2023 Festival  
  • In addition, there will continue to be regular, smaller, community focused events like the sports events and the year group disco’s.

The PTA is more than just a fund-raising charity we are a conduit for observation, comment and communication from all parents and teachers. It is our aim as a PTA to ensure that all parents feel that they have a voice in the school and can contribute to its success. Our aim too, is to have fun along the way! So please do join!


The PTA, like the school, actively encourages parent feedback and suggestions. Parents can do that via their class reps or direct to any member of the PTA. There is also a meeting with the Headship Team co-ordinated by the Class Rep Co-ordinators to discuss any concerns or suggestions.

Who is a member?

By default, all ESPS parents are members of the PTA. The PTA has a committee of volunteers including Co-Chairs, a Secretary and Treasurer and is always looking for new committee members. The President of the PTA is Debbie Canner and there is always at least one teacher representative.

Parents/Carers do not have to be a committee member to get involved or attend PTA meetings. All opinions are heard. The chair will also always communicate a written opinion to those attending a meeting on any subject.

We also have a group of PTA ‘supporters’ who help on an adhoc basis. So if you have a particular skill that could help that is great. Artists, event management, musicians, web experts, marketing communications, PR – you name it; we’ve found a use for it! Equally, if you can pour coffee, count money or move furniture we would be happy to add your name to our supporters list. The more we can spread the load the easier for everyone – so please do let us know what you would be happy to do.

The PTA recognises how much the families of our pupils give to the school: helping in the class-room, baking cakes or donating something for the tombola to name just a few. Without this help the PTA would not be able to offer so much to meet the needs of the children in our school.  We thank all those who so generously give time to the school and look forward to working with you across the following school year. 

The 2021 AGM was held on 10th of October 2022 and next year’s AGM will be held on within the first couple of months of the new school year and information will be shared with parents about the work, finances and funding plans for the upcoming year.

Please contact us for any further information or via your Class Representatives or the School Office. 

Dora Georgiadou, Justyna Sandomierska-Wasik, Dan Guzman, Andy Young and Basak Yagci

Co-Chairs ESPS PTA