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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Fab Fridays

Fun & Enjoyment In Learning

  East Sheen Primary School consistently maintains a strong commitment to engage and motivate children through enriching learning opportunities.. 
In order to enhance and extend children's learning we enjoy Fab Friday each week in KS2. This model has successfully enriched the curriculum, our first priority, whilst at the same time offering staff the freedom to plan a range  of exciting learning opportunities.
The children have described ‘Fab Friday’ as ‘absolutely fabulous’. They thoroughly enjoy the vast range of opportunities on offer and are able to develop and practise many new skills. Throughout the year we endeavour to further develop the experiences for our children with activities such as writing, drama, dance and music workshops, chess,  art and design projects, philosophy and debates. Furthermore, our Fab Friday programme not only involves staff and pupils, but parents and a wide variety of outside organisations. It has had a huge impact on our children and their enthusiasm for learning.