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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED


Subject Vision

At East Sheen Primary School we believe that our students should have the opportunity to follow a Computing curriculum that prepares them for their futures. We value the contribution ICT can make for the benefit of all pupils, staff, parents, and governors. East Sheen Primary School offers a range of high-quality computing resources to support and improve teaching and learning. We use technology as a tool to inspire, motivate and raise standards across the curriculum.   

Our school aims to provide an environment where access to computing resources is natural and commonplace. We are mindful of the rapid progress in the area of technology and aim to keep abreast of advances to prepare our children for the twenty-first century. 

The school allows children to appreciate the relevance of computing in society and encourages them to see it as an essential tool for learning, communication, finding information and controlling and understanding their environment.  


Computing is taught in a weekly lesson throughout the year to ensure depth in learning. Key knowledge, skills and vocabulary are imbedded into lessons which have been carefully mapped out across the curriculum to ensure progression. Children will be taught the skills required to become critical thinkers by analysing and evaluating algorithms to ensure a successful execution of program. We use our Thinking School tools to support the teaching of computing. 

During Key Stage 1 children will be introduced to programming. They will begin to: understand and implement algorithms, create and debug simple program, whilst learning the value of technology for learning.  

During Key Stage 2 children will: design, write and debug program by further developing their knowledge of algorithms; build an understanding of computer networks and their multiple uses; select and use variety devices and software to develop digital fluency with a focus on collecting, analysing, evaluating, and presenting data and information. 

E-Safety is an essential thread which runs throughout the computing curriculum, ensuring children develop age appropriate understanding of how to keep themselves safe on-line. We are very proud to be National Online Safety  


Our computing curriculum is high quality, well-thought-out and ensures progression throughout our school. 

Our outcomes are often in the use of practical skills and saved projects which can be presented. Children review the agreed success criteria and demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge by performing a practical skill. 

In line with our Thinking School methodology, emphasis is on analytical thinking and questioning which encourages pupils to gain coherent knowledge and understanding of programming and the wider uses of technology. Through this, pupils learn to think critically and develop perceptive judgement and questioning. They are given the tools to tackle and solve problems independently. These skills are used across the curriculum and support children to solve problems independently and successfully. 

 National Curriculum Computing