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East Sheen Primary

Upper Richmond Rd West, London, SW14 8ED

Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating difference and promoting inclusion in our richly diverse community

We are very proud of our inclusive culture where every child is valued and identity and individuality are celebrated. We are fortunate to be a community with over 35 different first languages and families with roots across the globe. Our children thrive in this exciting environment and learn to value their own culture and beliefs while respecting those of others. We actively promote self-worth through our PSHE curriculum, assemblies, circle times, assertive discipline practice (where the good behaviours are acknowledged and rewarded) and Thinking School strategies. Every day we witness the unique connection of play that exists for all children all over the world. When children join us with no or little English, they quickly form relationships through play- a worldwide quality of childhood.

As a non-denominational school we also have a community of many faiths. Children enjoy learning about other people’s beliefs as well as reflecting on their own values and faith, sharing the joy of a variety of religious festivals and celebrations. Our Thinking School hats allow children to share and discuss their views in a safe forum whilst our habits of mind promote listening with empathy, thinking flexibly and responding to awe and wonder. Our children are brilliant at this!

We celebrate our diverse community every day and through:

  • Our annual cultural day, where the local Muslim Community present an assembly, bring artefacts, clothes and food (delicious!) to share with us
  • A world map, identifying the heritage/roots of our children
  • Whole school projects during Black History Month, where we celebrate achievement and acknowledge the injustice and shame of the past and stress the importance of learning from history
  • Valuing our languages with posters and flags
  • Inviting our children who do not have English as a first language to read to the class in their own language and then explain the text if they can
  • Inviting parents and other adults in to school to share and celebrate experiences through music, story- telling, drama
  • Marking anti-bullying fortnight with workshops and assemblies where we reinforce our zero tolerance for any kind of bullying and encourage children to speak up with the expectation that they are heard
  • NSPCC workshops and assemblies
  • Online safety training for staff to alert them to any potential risks for children, followed up in class with children
  • The Jigsaw PSHE curriculum which covers being me in my world (a celebration of identity), racism, bullying (including cyber bullying) and other areas of significance including relationships and sex education
  • Christmas and Easter celebrations as part of the cultural heritage of Richmond and the UK
  • Protecting our children from extremist views and evangelism
  • An open door-come and talk to us


We are proud to be an anti-racist school and you can find our pledge below.